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Ted Weatherred 

I remember seeing you at the pier back in the 1980s! Glad to see you're still going strong! I really need to get back down there sometime soon.

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traman Email

Oh yes! Too much ***** good!

Lisa Sturgis Email

Hi Dominique,
It was such a pleasure to speak with you after your show. Was weird that you had to perform in a different spot, but you mentioned to my Husband John that there was a wedding going on and asked you to move your show( Well I am sure next October 2015, when we come down again for our timeshare on Islamorada, that you will be at your regular site for the show. I am making a note to finally  remember to bring my "KEY WEST COLOR" book and get you to sign the page you're featured on. I was thinking of you tonight as I was folding my catman shirt I bought this past Oct. and I was like, ooh, go on his website and give the hint hint to Hubby that I would LOVE to get your DVD for Christmas. Don't think I can wait till next Oct. to get one. I want to tell you again, I think you are amazing, I believe it's been over 15yrs. we've been coming to see you in Key West, and I know you LOVE the cats as much as I do. My pampered princes are truly my furry sons. I LOVE them to the moon and back, and they not only have health insurance, but they have a filtered water fountain, heated beds and get the best all natural foods there is. What can I say, they are my kids, LOL. Well I just thought I would drop by and say hi, I hope you and the furbabies are well. I want to wish you all my best to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season. See ya next Oct. Love, hugs, purrs, and sandpaper kisses, Lisa & John, VJ & Tigger Sturgis=^..^=

Patti Sullivan Schmidt Email

A must see for everyone visiting Key West. Dominique's spirit and his amazing cats will bring a smile to your face. I always bring my guests to see his show and he never fails to amaze. His love for his cats and their love for him are an inspiration.


i was in Key West from October 13 -18, 2014. I saw your show with your wonderful house cats. I wanted you to know, you and your cats were the HIGHLIGHT of my vacation. You are wonderful and I am going to buy your DVD. I just wish I would have bought your DVD when I met you. Thank you so much for your show and thank you for the post card.

Bill & Dianne Email

We take in your show each time in KW. Now ten years......clap, clap...and clap

Craig and Teresa Email


We visited your show many years ago, Teresa even got to help. We miss seeing you its been a few years since we have been to south Florida. Keep going you love you all. We are cat lovers too. Thanks for the great shows and memories.

Veronica 10/14 Email

We saw you and the kitties about 22 yrs. ago at Mallory Square and never forgot you.  Do you still have the shows there?

Veronica Email

We saw you and the kitties about 22 yrs. ago at Mallory Square and never forgot you.  Do you still have the shows there?


 Every year my family and I travel to Key West and walk to the pier to watch your show. We absolutely adore you! Your cats are fantastic! It's the best entertainment in town!
In just a few days we shall be in Key West for sun and fun. We are very excited!
I hope you have shirts in all of our sizes, because here we come again!
à bientôt

Aaron Email

My wife saw your show in the late 80's. She loved you truly. We have watched your show many times since then. She passed away at a much too early 48 years old this past year. I brought our 4 kids all in there 20's just this past weekend to see you. It was an incredibly wonderful moment to watch the show and see you still being yourself - thanks for the memories - go to your seat, STAY WHERE YOU ARE!


When I was here last my daughter was eight years old that was a long time ago 18 years ago she help you with the show and he gave her a personal signed postcard we remember him with his cat Chucky and we are now in Key West again for the first time in 18 years. Can't wait to see the cats again

Lori yeary Email

Loved your show...clap.
Clap..clap...don't leave key west
.stay where you arrrrreeeee

Carolyn Robinson Email

Dominique...Thank you for asking me to be a part of your show last Friday August 1st. I loved seeing you and  all of your very talented kitties. Clap clap clap! I will look forward to another rendezvous sometime in the future. In the mean time..I shall stay where I to my seat..My love to all the kitties and purrs from my two Russian Blues, Boris and Ivan.

stevie jr, lydia, and steve sr Email

Thank you!

Kelly Klein  


Dear Dominique,

Just wanted to say how sorry we are to hear the sad news about Cosette. We see by your posts on Facebook how sad you are on losing yet another one of your beloved cats. Please take comfort in knowing that you gave her a wonderful life filled with love and happiness and she is in the heavens and stars with Piggy, Sharkey, Oscar and Sara. I am so glad we got to see Cosette one last time this past April, she was a beautiful sweet cat. Happy nine lives to Cosette...clap, clap, clap.


Kelly and Al.

Anita Johnson Email

Would love to one day be able to see your show and thank you for entertaining all that you have


Bonjour, looks like key weird is still treating you well.
My two cats Benadictine and PooBear send regards
for 2014,I'm on my way to Beziers next week, all the best.

John and Kathleen Deacon Email

Hello Dominique, We just spent another wonderful vacation in Key West, and were very happy to see you and your feline friends perform. We have been coming since 2001, and hope to see you there each time we visit, for many years to come. God bless, and see you again soon!

John and Kathleen Deacon
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