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Kim M. Email

I am having difficulty ordering your souvenirs on line. I am wanting the dvd and coffee mugs. When I try to order it directs me to apply for a PayPal account (which I already have). Any ideas? Love your show-saw it for the 1st time back in 2005 or makes me so happy you’re still there!

lisa brantley (sid clover ) Email

Hi Dominique,

I think I already wrote a little something, but in case I didn't, I am deeply touched by your warm, loving and creative energy.  Your soul was wide open when I asked for a photo with you.  Thank you so much!  You are a joy to the world and had made me contemplate the path I've taken in life....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweet catman
Lisa ( Sid Clover)

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Czar Dennis Holstein of Russia Email

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Kyle Oleynik Email

Hey.. Its a great day today. I don't know if you have listened to any of the music by Bruce Thomas.

catherine flint Email

Hi Dominique! I spoke with you on the phone the other day. what a delightful surprise. I saw your show 12 years ago and am so excited you're still performing with your cats. My husband(jeff) and i will be in key west for the thanksgiving holiday. jeff has never been to key west and I am thrilled to be planning this trip. big love to you catman! we have 4 cats. life is good xoxo

James and Ryan 


Hello Dominique the Cat Man! 

We went to our 1st catman show last night and it was perfect. The crowd had such a good time and we just love how much you love your cats! clap, clap, clap, clap!


   At one of your shows, which I loved, just before the end of the year I purchased one of your DVDs.  I cannot get it to play: not in my DVD player, a computer, a portable DVD player, or my daughter's DVD player.  Can I trade it for another one, or is there some secret to playing it that I don't understand?
   My grandchildren, who also saw your show, and I are terribly disappointed that we can't watch the DVD.
   Thanks for responding, Dominique.

Larry and Amelia Herrero Email


Went to Key West two weeks ago. Haven’t been to the “sunset celebration” at Mallory Docks since ten years ago. First time I saw this man was in 1990 and much to my surprise he’s still performing his act.....every at the age of 75. Dominique, the cat man. Still, if not more, as nutty and entertaining as ever. Had a nice talk with him this night.    

Anthony Rompola Jr. & Patricia Email

My wife's name is Patricia Quinn-Rompola. We watched your shows on 10/17 & 10/18. Xcellent entertainer sir U & YOUR FURBALLS. Years ago I lived with 10 cats--used to b in charge of the litter boxes. KEEP UP THE SUPERB SHOW THAT U PRESENT!!!!  TONY &  PATTY. WE LIVE ON WEST COAST OF FLORIDA IN LARGO, FLORIDA---20 MILES FROM TAMPA, FL. B SAFE U & YOUR TEAM OF CATS SIR.

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Sugaring Email

Kosmetolog med de bedste ansigtsbehandling københavn

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Victor Email

Loved it, thank you!

Julianne  Email

I read your history and am so impressed. You are a very talented man with an interesting history. You should be very proud of the happiness you brought the world. Being at your show makes me feel like a kid again. You are an amazing performer and your audience loves you!! I was sorry to have missed Chopin by 6 months.. he was truly my favorite. 😊

James Travers  Email

Dominique, I saw your show the week of April 8th-14th. Have seen you perform many times over the years and think you are amazing with a great passion for those kitties. Love the tightrope trick with Oliver this time around. Best Wishes to you my friend.
And remember “ The show starts at 7pm sharp and we are never on time, so don’t be late”!!!
See you soon !!!

Debbie and Jess Email

Saw you years ago and enjoyed the show very much.  Came back to Key West this month, and saw it again.  Enjoyed it just as much.  Keep up the great show.


LOVED your show! I was the only true cat lover in my group but could hear my husband standing behind me saying how awesome it was to see these cats. He doesn't think that cats even know their own name so THANK YOU for proving him wrong. You are a wonderful entertainer and I truly enjoyed watching your cats perform.

Oscar and Amy Estrada  Email

Great show! Saw it two nights in a row! Meowwwww!!!

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